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Bolshoi Theatre
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Giovanna d'Arco (Jeanne d'Arc)
Opera in 2 acts
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Tickets for "Giovanna d'Arco "

This performance is stunning, even shocking. It makes your skin crawl and shakes the whole body. Good music, a lively and catchy intrigue, sumptuous costumes! Giovanna d'Arco gives sharp emotions to all those who are not made of stone. What is evil? Will the victory of Good come? Part of the answer will be unveiled this evening on the stages of the Bolshoi Theater.

Music Director - Andrew anichanov
Director - Yury Aleksandrov
Art Director Vyacheslav Okunev

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Brief contents


The fate of the world is decided in Heaven in the eternal fight between Good and Evil... Humanity since its inception is desperately looking for the truth, becoming an obedient tool in opposition to a Higher power... And only elected able to change the course of history... it was Joan of Arc...

The first action

The first picture

French village called Domremy

People are ready to meet the Dauphin Charles, who should take power after the death of King Charles VI. Everyone is worried about the fate of Orleans, after France, one after another, defeated by the English invaders. Carl is immersed in gloomy meditation. He tells the audience about his dream where he was visited by the Virgin Mary. Karl ready to give up the throne just to have ceased to shed the innocent blood of his countrymen. The villagers tell him about the sacred, but a terrible place where is the image of the virgin. There, according to them, going to a coven of demons and witches, and if they find the person, then let him go out alive, while he will not give his soul to the devil. Carl decided and does not tolerate objections: he will go to the forest and will ask the Holy Virgin for the salvation of France.

The second picture

The forest in the area called Domremy

...This crossed the fate of the characters drama – Giacomo, father of Joan, watching her daughter, suspecting her of eretizm in connection with the devil... Jeanne prays to the Virgin Mary on the help of his long-suffering Homeland. The girl asks him to grant her the power to give the shield and sword that she could lead French troops... In exhaustion Jeanne immersed in a strange dream – her troubled voices of demons and angels... sleeping girl approaching car – the future king of France... Waking up, she learns his monarch and promises to return him glory. The angels gave her the sword and shield, but warned that the virgin should not be allowed in the heart of earthly love, for it will bring terrible grief to her... the Fiery speeches of Joan of rescuing France give confidence naglasena unsuccessful fight to Karl. He entrusts her troops, and with them the fate of the Motherland...

The third picture

The camp of the British under the Reims

...After the heavy defeat of the soldiers refusing to go back to the fight – he was sure that only part of the devil helped a mad girl to radically change the outcome of the battle. Their commander, Lord Talbot, in despair. Suddenly there is Giacomo. He is ready to help the British and to give them that which they fail. Let Jeanne die at the hands of enemies, but in doing so her soul would find salvation. Inspired by the British, ready to grab the virgin as a heretic and burn her at the stake.

The fourth picture

Garden court in Reims

...Jeanne embarrassed her stay in a luxurious Palace is exhausting, and the jubilation of the people after her painful. She wants to come back as a simple girl. Her dreams are interrupted by Carl. The king confesses his love for her. Virgin gives up under his pressure and reciprocates his feelings... Suddenly Jeanne begins to hear voices. It's the angels, reminiscent of his warning, and cheering the demons, ready to break free. Jeanne seems to have lost his mind: she says to herself, tells about the strange vision of an old man who wants her dead. Part of the retinue of Charles. All ready for the coronation. At the head of the solemn procession must go Jeanne the liberator of France...

The second action

The fifth picture

The Cathedral square in Reims

...People singing the national anthem in honor of the victory over the British, praising the King, Jeanne, and the Fatherland. Unexpectedly the father of Joan. In that moment, when the king gives thanks to the virgin and proposes to erect in honor of her Cathedral, Giacomo says she made a deal with the devil. To atone for their sins, Jeanne decides to remain silent in response to any accusations... Carl in disbelief. Father wants to see his daughter in the fire, the only way her soul will be forgiven. The crowd curses Jeanne and demands her death, but the king hesitates: he loves her and believes in her innocence. Giacomo leads the daughter to the British.

The sixth picture

Fortified camp of the British

...Jeanne, in chains, awaiting impending execution at the stake. The girl lost in thought. Included by her father, he hears Joan to offer up a prayer to the Virgin Mary for the protection of their homeland. Giacomo realizes his mistake, and in tears, asks his daughter for forgiveness. He hands her a sword and helps to escape from the fortress. Jeanne rushes to the battlefield; the father watches as she fearlessly rushed to the aid of French soldiers and saves in battle the king. The outcome of the battle is a foregone conclusion. Carl, at the behest of the virgin, frees Giacomo. Officers bring news from the battlefield: France won, but Joan died.


The people of France say goodbye to Joan of Arc. The Lord granted her a few moments to forgive all who have hurt her...

Everywhere spreads a wonderful light.

Dying Zhanna sees the Virgin Mary, who encourages her to him...

...Joan fancied that her hands turn into wings and now she is already flying, glistening in the sun...

Saint Joan is not dead... It lives in the soul of every Frenchman...

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