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Bolshoi Theatre
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Khovanshchina / Rostov State Opera and Ballet production
Opera in three acts
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Tickets for the Opera "Khovanshchina"

A relentless war for the throne, the powerlessness of a decimated army, bloody events, and all on the same stage. This is not an episode of Games of Throne, but the darkest years of Russia staged in the play Khovanshchina. The history of the formation of Russia, built on betrayal and anarchy still makes the Russian spectators react and satisfies the curiosity of foreigners.

Libretto by Modest Mussorgsky 

Artistic Director: Vyacheslav Kushchyov 
Deputy Musical Director – Principal Conductor: Andrei Ivanov 
Stage Director: Pavel Sorokin 
Set Designer: Vyacheslav Okunev 
Chief Chorus Master: Elena Klinicheva 
Choreographer: Olga Kostel 

Short Description

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First scene

Moscow. Early in the morning. Sentinel archers boast a recent victory over the loathsome boyars. Boyar Fyodor Shaklovity – a protégé of tsarevna Sofia – is dictating to the clerk denunciation of the head of the Streltsy prikaz, Prince Ivan Khovansky, who wanted to seize power and to sit on the throne of the son of Andrew.

Ivan Khovansky, surrounded by archers and cheering his men out of the people overlooks the square. The Prince and the archers sent to the bypass around Moscow. Appear on the square, Emma – the girl from the German quarter. She tries to escape from pursuing her obsessive passion for Andrei Khovansky. Raskolnikova Martha, the ex-girlfriend of Andrew, stop the violence.

This scene finds returning, Ivan Khovansky. He gives the girl at the mercy of the archers, but Andrew would rather kill her than let that happen. Held over the girl, the knife stopping the power of Dosifey, the leader of the dissenters. The believer gives Emma his blessing, and thus save from desecration: father and son Khovansky retreating before the will of his imperious ally. But the girl is born revenge.

Second scene

The study of Prince Vasily Golitsyn, the favourite of Tsarevna Sophia. The Prince in deep meditation, he was overcome by the fear of the future.

In the princely chambers is Martha. Under the guise of fortune-telling, she lulls the vigilance of Golitsyn to steal important documents and send it to Petrovtsy.

Prediction opals lead superstitious Prince in horror. To keep the prophecy a secret, he orders a servant to kill the fortune-teller, but Martha manages to escape.

The study included Ivan Khovansky. Conversation Golitsyn and Khovansky – hidden rivals who hate each other – go into a fight, which stops the appearance of Dositheus. He calls upon them to humble the pride and think about the salvation of Russia.

Martha Rushes In. She talks about the orders Golitsyn to kill her and that the soldiers "amusing troops" young Peter helped her to escape. The conspirators anxiously react to it. But even scarier is the news that brings the boyar Shaklovity: the king discovered the plot, "called Houdini and told to find".



First scene

Martha prepares Emma for the rite of tonsure. But, overwhelmed with doubt about the correctness of his decision, the girl resists. In desperation, she runs away.

Shaklovity appears, immersed in thoughts of the long-suffering nation. Hidden near Emma hears those words and gets to the boyar trust. Shaklovity, taking advantage of the good opportunity, invests in a girl's hand a knife. Emma is ready to serve faithfully to their new "defender" and suspects that once again became a pawn in the struggle of those in power.

Hear the riotous songs of drunken Musketeers.

The square uses the Scrivener. He describes the attack of the soldiers of Peter in Streletskaya Sloboda. This news is staggering archers. They appeal to his boss Ivan Khovansky.

However, the Khovansky himself at a loss: the rifle case on the eve of death.

Second scene

Khovanskii, who had taken refuge in his estate, filled with gloomy thoughts about his own fate. To escape, he orders the serf girls to entertain him.

Shaklovity Enters. On behalf of the Princess Sophia he calls Prince to the Council of state. Flattered Khovansky orders his ceremonial clothes. However, rainbow dreams of the Prince is not destined to come true: Emma, penetrated to the room along with Shaklovity, Khovansky deals a fatal blow with a dagger. Revenge was accomplished.



First scene

Killing and other participants in the conspiracy. Prince Golitsyn is sent under escort to the link, the guards are given the order to surround the schismatic monasteries. Don't know about the crash conspiracy, only Andrei Khovansky. He does not believe Martha, who reported about the murder of his father and tries in vain to convene his regiment. However, seeing the archers, which lead to death, Andrei realizes all is lost, and in fear, he asks Marfa to save him. The archers are preparing to accept death, but the messenger of Peter at the last moment to announce a pardon decree.

Second scene

Dissenters disappear from Peter's troops. He wants to test his flock and turns to it with a call to burn in the cleansing fire. But in the Holy fire burns the sinful old world, giving the long-suffering people hope for a new and better life.

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